Christ Temple CME 'adopts' elementary school in North Tulsa, OK

Christ Temple CME Church (North Tulsa, OK) has assisted children in poverty by providing help in several schools in the northern community of Tulsa, but one school was adopted. Marian Anderson Elementary School is located in North Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma. Christ Temple adopted the school when one of the members of the church became employed at the school as an elementary teacher. After learning about the needs of the school, Christ Temple became involved in multiple ways.
  1. At the beginning of the school year, members provide school materials for the students. The materials are given to the teachers of each grade level. The teachers provide materials to students as needed.
  2. One year, teachers were asked to submit a "Wish List" to the church. Individually, or in teams, the church members took a list, purchased the items, and returned them to the committee at church. The committee took the items to the school and presented them to the teachers.
  3. Food baskets are provided for families at the school. This is usually done during the holiday seasons. The counselor provides the number of baskets needed, and the church fulfills the requests through the Missionary Society.
  4. Teachers from another school needed professional training in a certain area, but the school could not afford it. The church provided the finance.
  5. The church provided tutorial services at the church for one school. A meal was provided at the church for the students needing the service. The pastor and members of the church provided the tutoring. The service has been discontinued, but is very needful in many of the communities.
  6. Christ Temple has a clothes closet for the community. A project generated through the closet one year was to provide proper attire for juniors and seniors in the community who could not afford to purchase gowns and tuxedoes to attend the prom. These items were donated to the church through departments and retail shops. Some items needed repairs, and members of the church took care of the repairs.
  7. Toys for Tots: These items are donated to the church from the organization. After receiving names of families in the community needing the items, the church delivers them, or the families may come and get the items at the church.
>Christ Temple CME Church is a member of the Oklahoma Region of the 9th Episcopal District.
Bishop James B. Walker is the Presiding Prelate.
Dr. Stacey L. Cole is pastor of the church.
Emma Reagor, Campaign Coordinator
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More Annual Conferences Join Campaign

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